Seeley Sites

Services We Provide

Speed & Security
Our framework of choice, Django, allows us the ability to create websites quickly without compromising security; all user details are kept secure behind a built-in authentication system, and we ensure all secret keys are kept private
Personal Service
Only working on a couple projects at a time ensures that your needs are easily prioritized and met quickly; we work closely with all our clients, making sure every detail is perfect; we encourage our clients to continuously give us feedback and further suggestions for features, and implement them quickly
Responsive Design
All of our sites are designed with mobile in mind; no matter the device, your site will look nice. For most of our projects, we use Bootstrap, an industry leader in creating responsive websites; this helps us create sites quickly without sacrificing style.
Online Business Setup
Google My Business and Analytics are great tools for keeping track of how your business is doing; because of that, we're happy to help you set these up along the way so you can get insight into your day-to-day site performance
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is important for making sure your site is easy to find on search engines (like Google or Bing); we make sure each page is set up to be picked up and displayed correctly so your clients are able to find you
Simple Billing
We use automatic invoicing to make payments as painless as possible; we're flexible with the timing of our bills and they are set up to work around your schedule; we also allow for auto-withdrawal