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February, 2018
Blog with various topics

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This site was built to display different blog topics and posts associated with each topic.  Posts are grouped by blogs, which helps keep similar post topics together in one area.  Each of the posts are displayed with the rough estimate for time to read, assuming roughly 200 words read per minute.  This gives users the ability to fit reading posts into their schedule a little better.  Users of the site are able to contact the staff so long as they have an account, which allows staff to contact users directly and provides email notification for replies and post creation.

There is also an admin page showing all blogs, posts, and contact messages.  This gives admins the ability to see everything in one place, making creating and updating things a lot easier.


Technical Stuff

This site was built with Django and uses Bootstrap 4 for styling and mobile friendliness.  There are both email and error reporting systems to help keep users engaged and make sure any issues are seen and fixed ASAP.  There are some minor quality of life improvements found throughout the site, such as length reminders on comments as well as hitting Ctrl+Enter to submit.  Both the homepage text and the posts use a WYSIWYG editor, allowing for custom styling and image uploading.

There are admin pages for blog groups, posts, and contact messages.  This keeps everything in one place for administrators of the site, and posts are sortable based on their published status.  jQuery powers this as well as the date picker for individual posts themselves, improving the usability for scheduling.

Marissa Danielle Today