Seeley Wedding

May, 2017
Wedding site to take RSVP and provide info to guests

Django HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap 4


This site was purpose-built to allow guests to RSVP, as well as to see general information about our wedding (including registry links, hotel details, ceremony/reception location, times, and a little story about how we've grown as a couple).  When a guest RSVP'd, their status was updated on the guest list for everyone to see.  A very personal project for myself, this was one of my first major websites.  It helped us keep track of who would be at our wedding, and who they were bringing.  It also helped us keep our guests informed of any important information related to our wedding.  We also put up some silly photos of our wedding party smiley


Technical Stuff

This site was built with Django and deployed on Heroku.  Heroku's deployment process is much simpler than a lot of other services, having Git hooks ready to go from the beginning.  SSL certs were also a breeze to set up using this service, making sure the site was secure for all our guests.

I used Bootstrap with some custom styling to fit the colors of our wedding.  Guests were able to enter their RSVP code, which, when authenticated, allowed them to add +1's and update their RSVP status.  This being an early project, the images were put directly on the server instead of using Amazon's S3 storage service, but it worked well for our needs at the time.  Further, this site was built before my knowledge of Django's generic class-based views, which significantly decrease development time.  Thankfully, I've come a long way since then.


Seeley Wedding