Serenity Salon - Demo Site

March, 2018
A demo salon site

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As stated above, Serenity Salon is a demo website with free hosting, so it may take a few moments to pop up if it hasn't been visited recently.  This is not reflective of our other sites. 

This site was built to showcase a few things, including image galleries, grouping options for things like stylists, and hierarchical ordering such as the Prices page.  You'll notice that the banner image on the front page is cropped on mobile, ensuring the image isn't warped in any way.  If there were more banner images added, you'd see that the banner is also a carousel, displaying as many images as you'd like (even including text titles and subtitles).  The main purpose of this site is to display an example of what a potential salon site could look like.


Technical Stuff

As usual, this website was built with Django and Bootstrap 4 for a simple mobile-friendly design.  It was also built with image uploading in mind, so there is a system built in to automatically generate thumbnails for gallery images and to resize the homepage banner.  This takes the guesswork out of cropping images for the administrator, and makes sure all the images looking nice.  A lightweight framework called Lightbox is used for the gallery images to create a nice popup style view of individual images, meaning you can see the full image and click back and forth to see each of them.  Lastly, there is a contact page that can be wired up to notify managers of the business when someone sends a message.

Serenity Salon - Demo Site