Skyline Diner - Demo Site

April, 2018
A demo restaurant site

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As stated above, Skyline Diner is a demo website with free hosting, so it may take a few moments to pop up if it hasn't been visited recently.  This is not reflective of our other sites. 

This site was built to showcase location info, the restaurant's menu, and a contact form for getting in touch with managers of the company.  The about section will display a random location when the page is refreshed, while the bottom section displays them all (but this can be limited or randomized).  Clicking on the images or the text below them will display the About page for that location.  The menu is displayed with a heading for each meal type and a price.  Each grouping can be ordered based on name and an order number, giving managers more control.  There are optional descriptions that can be added/displayed such as allergen information, ingredients, available cooking styles, etc.  The main purpose of this site is to demonstrate a sample version of a restaurant site.  Other additions can be made to tailor it to your restaurant.


Technical Stuff

This website was built with Django and Bootstrap 4 for a simple mobile-friendly design.  It was also built with image uploading in mind, so there is a system built in to automatically resize images based on what you're adding.  The banner image is cropped to work with large screens; locations require two images, one being for the list display and one for the about display (they're both different sizes on the page and are allowed to be different images).  This takes the guesswork out of cropping images for the administrator, and makes sure all the images look nice.  Finally, there is a contact form that is  wired up to notify managers of the business when someone sends a message.  This can also be set up to only email managers of the specified store.

Skyline Diner - Demo Site