South Suburban Civil War Round Table

December, 2017
Informational site for the SSCWRT

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The South Suburban Civil War Round Table site was built as an informative page for the South Suburban Civil War Round Table, a group that, according to their site, "is dedicated to the study of the Civil War era, including the military, civilian, political and economic aspects of the war".  The site lays out the schedule, board members, blog style newsletters/posts, and other informational details like recommended books and related websites.

Users are kept engaged with post updates, making sure they're aware of any changes with location or times of meetings, and any upcoming events.  Posts give administrators an opportunity to make newsletters easily to give users more content to look through to keep engagement high.


Technical Stuff

I built this site using Django and deployed it on PythonAnywhere.  It uses Bootstrap 4 with minimal custom styling to go along with it.  To allow the group's members to add information, there's a front-end edit admin page for every page on the site, including a WYSIWYG editor for easy user styling.

Sentry is used for error handling and reporting, so any issue that comes up is immediately sent directly to me, allowing for quick resolution.  Mailgun gives the SSCWRT an opportunity to notify all users signed up on the site when a new post is made or an existing one is edited.  This helps keep users around, looking at their new content.

This site was the third stage redesign; the first two versions were written in PHP and weren't easily editable, while this setup allows administrators to update the site at will.


South Suburban Civil War Round Table